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Mindy closed her eyes and felt like she was floating; the only thing keeping her tethered to terra firma were the straps and her partner’s throbbing phallus. Now all four women had skin that was stimulated, warm and slippery to the touch.

Hentai: (Reitaisai 13) [Hokkepen (Seiichi)] Yosugara Temptation (Touhou Project) [Chinese] [Kanade汉化组]

Yosugara Temptation 1Yosugara Temptation 2Yosugara Temptation 3Yosugara Temptation 4Yosugara Temptation 5Yosugara Temptation 6Yosugara Temptation 7Yosugara Temptation 8Yosugara Temptation 9Yosugara Temptation 10Yosugara Temptation 11Yosugara Temptation 12Yosugara Temptation 13Yosugara Temptation 14Yosugara Temptation 15Yosugara Temptation 16Yosugara Temptation 17Yosugara Temptation 18Yosugara Temptation 19Yosugara Temptation 20Yosugara Temptation 21

(例大祭13) [ほっけぺん (清一)]ヨスガラテンプテーション(東方Project) [中国翻訳]

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