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Ed called me When I was on my way home and said thank you buddy thanks for the hospitality I Thank you big-time ! When I got home I called for Kimberly and got no answer so I went to the bedroom and there she was spread eagle on the bed asshole gaping big enough to put a baseball in ! I said goddamnit you fucked him didn’t you ? What about the rule always swing together what the fuck happened that ? She said I’m sorry but I seen him naked with that big dick and I couldn’t resist I will make it up to you though I will call Susan tomorrow and have her come over Friday! I didn’t know that her and her husband swings she said they don’t but Susan‘s been wanting to fuck you as long as she has known you. I was sitting by the pool in my t back chilling smoking a joint when the doorbell ring.

Hentai: (COMIC1☆5) [Bronco Hitoritabi (Uchi-Uchi Keyaki)] Yoru ni Hibiku (Suite PreCure)

Yoru ni Hibiku 1Yoru ni Hibiku 2Yoru ni Hibiku 3Yoru ni Hibiku 4Yoru ni Hibiku 5Yoru ni Hibiku 6Yoru ni Hibiku 7Yoru ni Hibiku 8Yoru ni Hibiku 9Yoru ni Hibiku 10Yoru ni Hibiku 11Yoru ni Hibiku 12Yoru ni Hibiku 13Yoru ni Hibiku 14Yoru ni Hibiku 15Yoru ni Hibiku 16Yoru ni Hibiku 17Yoru ni Hibiku 18Yoru ni Hibiku 19Yoru ni Hibiku 20Yoru ni Hibiku 21Yoru ni Hibiku 22Yoru ni Hibiku 23Yoru ni Hibiku 24Yoru ni Hibiku 25Yoru ni Hibiku 26

(COMIC1☆5) (同人誌) [ブロンコ一人旅 (内々けやき)]夜に響く(スイートプリキュア)

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