(C79) [BOBCATERS (Hamon Ai)] Ryoshuu Oujo -Zenshousen- (Fire Emblem)


Sonia & Master Max were spending the weekend at a sleazy motel , also it was an opportunity , for Max to introduce Sonia to his latest sex slave , Nyomi Franklin , a tall black , big botty , slightly saggy titted bitch , She was the vice-principal at his former high school , last week he had seen her at a grocery store & decided it was time to put her in her place (revenge time ),Once he hypnotized her , they found a secluded spot , where he parked his car & he had her lick his balls , ass , suck his cock , before he exploded his manjuice all over her face , hair & down her throat , He called her a cumslut , had her do cumfacial walk back to her car & told her not to make plans for the weekend. Click here In a cage watching her master/son Sonia was ballgagged ,collared & leashed , Max had hypnotized her 3mths earlier & now she & Max's stepdad Bill were at Max's mercy.

Hentai: (C79) [BOBCATERS (Hamon Ai)] Ryoshuu Oujo -Zenshousen- (Fire Emblem)

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(C79) [BOBCATERS (波紋愛)]虜囚王女-前哨戦-(ファイアーエムブレム)

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