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” “Now how am I going to help you if you don't tell me what your problem is,” she asked, “so, let's get down to it, what is bothering you!?!” “Well, it's Cheryl, my girl friend, you know her right,” he stammered? “Yes, I know her, she's a lovely girl, what does this have to do with her,” asked Miss Parsons? “Well, she's afraid to, I mean, she wants to but when she saw it, well. Mms Kohaku Biyori Vol. 7 – Original ” “Tell me, what is she so afraid of, Tommy,” she demanded!?! “Well, we both want to do it, but she's afraid to,” replied a red faced Tommy! Miss Parsons was now getting the picture and said, “Oh, I see, Cheryl thinks she's too young, and isn't ready for sex, am I right???” “Uh, no, not exactly,” Tommy stammered on, “she wants to all right, but well, she thinks I'm too big for her!” Miss Parsons smiled at the embarrassed lad and replied, “That's understandable for a young girl Tommy, they're so inexperienced that the first time they're very afraid!” “It isn't that Miss Parsons, she says I'm freak, and no girl will ever let me, you know, do it with them,” he almost cried! “Nonsense young man, I'm quite sure that you are a normal young man who is letting the ravings of an inexperienced young girl get the better of him,” scolded Miss Parsons!!! He shook his head slowly back and forth, and replied, “I don't think so, she seems pretty sure about it!”

Now an exasperated Miss Parsons stood up and walked around to the front of her desk and stood directly in front of Tommy and said, “All right, Tommy, I'm going to prove to you once and for all that what Cheryl is giving you is nothing but a line of pure bunk, as an older woman I have on occasion had the opportunity to see the penises of many young men, and I can say for a fact, that they all looked pretty much the same to me, now to prove this too you, I want you to stand up and show me your penis, and that will be the end of it, I can quickly tell you if there is anything to what Cheryl has been telling you!!!” Tommy turned six shades of red and started to protest, but Miss Parsons quickly cut him off and ordered him to stand up! He stood up with his face looking at the floor, too ashamed to look his teacher in the eye, and began fumbling with his belt buckle.

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