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“Follow me, please,” Chrissy said to Melanie while leading her to a room in the rear of the house, “have you been a good girl this week?!?” “Yes, Mistress,” Melanie replied softly, “I tried to do my best!” “Let's hope so,” Chrissy replied, “Sir Gregory will be very disappointed if you have displeased him!!!” The two women entered a starkly painted white room that was set up a lot like a doctor's examining room, complete with an examination table that even contained foot stirrups!!! “It's good to see you again, Melanie,” commented Sir Gregory upon their entry, “come to me dear, and tell me, have you been obedient!?!” “Oh, yes,” she replied softly, “I've been a very good girl!!!” “We'll see,” he said noncommittally, now lift up your dress so I can examine you!!!” As calmly as if she were undressing in her own bedroom, Melanie grabbed the hem of her dress and lifted it to her chin, which exposed her panty less crotch to both Mistress Chrissy and her husband Sir Gregory!!! A light stubble of hair had begun to regenerate on Melanie's bulging shaved vagina, but the real object of Sir Gregory's inspection was the thick butt plug that was firmly in place inside Melanie's rectum!!! “Very good, my dear,” he commented, “does it cause you any pain?!?” “Not much anymore,” she answered truthfully, “but I have to be careful when I sit down or it can get very uncomfortable!!!” “Your vagina seems to be aroused,” he noted, “have you masturbated at all this past week?!?” “Oh, no,” she replied quickly, “but I admit that I thought about it, because I'm wet all of the time now!!!” “Of course you are, dear,” he replied with a smile, “but now it's time for your “treatment”, so Chrissy will help you with your clothes and you can get up on the table!!!” Sir Gregory and his wife Chrissy had many clients who came to them for various types of discipline, and Melanie was just one of several middle age women who had lost their husband through death or divorce, and now seemed to have lost the direction in life that their male partners had given them!!! In Melanie's case, her husband of twenty three years had been killed in an automobile accident, leaving her home alone for the first time in her life! Though she and her husband had had a loving marriage, when the need arose, he would not hesitate to severely punish her for her supposed indiscretions! For this reason, she not only felt the need to be castigated by a male authority figure, she actively sought out someone who could fulfill the role her husband had played in her life, so now, lying here on Sir Gregory's examining table, she waited anxiously for him to begin!!!

“Turn over onto your stomach,” he ordered firmly, “and spread your legs wide apart!!!” Nodding to Chrissy he said, “Remove the restraint from her rectum please, and apply some lubricant!!!” A shiver shot through Melanie's body as Chrissy pulled the butt plug from her bottom and was quickly replaced by a warm hand full of KY jelly!!! Just the feeling of the fingers moving along her bung hole made her clitoris throb wantonly, as it had been a week since her last orgasm!!! “Do you know what's next, dear,” Sir Gregory asked softly, while stroking her fat ass?!?” “Y-you're going to give me an enema,” she groaned while her clit throbbed almost out of control!!! “Very good,” he replied, while putting the nozzle inside of her already distended ass hole and releasing the hose clamp which allowed the water gush into her cavernous bowel, “and how does it feel?!?” “V-very good,” she stammered, “it's filling me up and making me feel tight al over!!!” The warm soapy water continued rush in until she was begging for him to stop, which of course only encouraged him to put in more!!! “How does she feel,” he asked Chrissy, who was monitoring Melanie's now expanding belly!?! “I think she can take a little more,” she replied, as the now panting woman begged her two masters so stop, “she really needs to be filled to the brim to get the desired effect!!!” I wholeheartedly agree,” he answered briskly while allowing another quart to drain inside of her!!! After another minute or so, he pulled the nozzle from her ass and shoved the plug back into her butt, which acted like a cork, keeping all of the water safely inside of her overextended bowel!!!

Chrissy helped her turn over onto her back, as her now full belly made her look almost as if she were in the latter stages of pregnancy!!! Melanie's ankles were then strapped into the stirrups as Chrissy took a place between her legs while sitting on a small rolling stool!!! “It's time for your shave, dear,” Chrissy said softly, while massaging warm oil all over Melanie's bulging cunt lips, so try to relax!!!” “O-okay,” Melanie replied with a moan, “that feels so good, please don't stop!!!” “Now, Melanie,” Chrissy admonished, “this isn't supposed to feel good, we're simply performing normal hygienic procedures that normally you would do for yourself, so please, be still!!!” Melanie gulped, and closed her eyes tightly, while trying desperately not to think about the soft hands that were flitting about the lips of her dripping vagina along with the unyielding pressure that the gallons of water had on her bulging pussy!!!

“Melanie, “Sir Gregory said firmly, “Mistress Chrissy is going to shave your vagina and I do not want you to have and orgasm until I allow it, do you understand me!?!” A thin layer of sweat had broken out on her face, and even though the tension building in her pussy was almost unbearable, she nodded her head an replied in a raspy voice, “Yes, Master, I-I'll do my best to please you!!!” “Good,” he said smoothly, “okay, Chrissy, go ahead, shave her!!!” At the first contact of the cold blade on her trembling lips, Melanie gritted her teeth and fought to keep her pulsating clit under control, but it took almost a superhuman effort to keep from slipping into an orgasmic whirlwind! Slowly, excruciatingly slowly, Chrissy pulled the double edged blade through the well oiled stubble, while at the same time taking great pains to bump and caress Melanie's well developed vulva!!! Now gripping the edge of the table with both hands, Melanie groaned loudly as the inevitable climax inched closer and closer to fruition!!! Sir Gregory placed his hand on her distended belly and while gently pressing down asked softly, “When I do this, can you feel it in your clitoris?!?” “P-p-please let me cum,” she panted, “I-I can't hold back much longer, please, help me, I'm begging you, master!!!”

“All finished,” Chrissy said to Sir Gregory while wiping Melanie's freshly shaved labia with a warm damp cloth, “she's all yours!!!” While resting the palm of his hand on her warm pussy, Sir Gregory asked softly, “Are you ready, my lovely, are you ready to let your clitoris become free?!?” “Oh, yes,” she gasped, “hurry, please, hurry!!!” “Chrissy,” he said softly, “will you please place your pretty mouth on Melanie's pubis?!?” “Yes, Sir Gregory,” she replied, as her head fell forward until her mouth came in direct contact with the bulging organ, “mmmmmmmmmm, so smooth and sweet!!!” Melanie was by now in a state of high sexual anxiety, and the sensation of Chrissy's tongue probing the length of her slit, and finally coming to rest on her clit was more than the poor woman could take, so the ensuing climax that left shaking like a leaf in a storm was par for the course!!! “Oh, god,” she moaned, “I-I'm cumming so fucking hard, suck me, suck me off, oh, god, thank you, oh thank you for letting me cum!!!” Chrissy pulled away from the now overheated pussy, as Sir Gregory helped Melanie to her feet, and led her on very shaky legs over to a toilet sitting in the corner! “All right, dear,” he said solemnly, “sit down on the seat!!!” Melanie was half delirious with excitement, and she was constantly moaning as she let her big bottom settle onto the toilet seat! “Now,” he ordered, “lean forward a little, that's a good girl,” then reaching down, he grabbed the end of the butt plug, and jerked it violently from her fat ass!!!The mixture of water and excrement exploded out of her bowel in a massive torrent, while Chrissy reached down and fingered Melanie's clit with her index finger!!! Melanie's head rolled from side to side as the pleasure signals racing to her brain were coming from two points, her ass hole and her hot clit!!! This climax, was like a tsunami racing for the shore, obliterating everything in its path, until it crashed on the rocks, and returning gently out to sea!!! Melanie was whimpering like a baby, her cunt still pulsating wildly from the two brutal orgasms that had ripped it to shreds only moments before, while her ass hole still felt like the plug was in, even though it had been removed a good fifteen minutes ago!!!

After she had taken a shower and dressed, Melanie stood before her master and waited patiently for him to speak!!! “We have trained your rectum,” he offered quietly, “now it is time for your vagina,” as he produced a modified version a the butt plug to be worn around the clock in her pussy!!! Dutifully she lifted her skirt so that he could insert the invader into her warm cunt and then he said, “Remove it only to urinate, now go, and return next week, and remember, no masturbating is allowed!!!” She lowered her skirt and with her eyes focusing downward, she left his residence, thinking only about one thing, her next visit to Sir Gregory's table!!!


Hentai: [Image is] too sexy, too much milk the big bone woman Aya Sugimoto hell girl cosplay from www

[Image is] too sexy, too much milk the big bone woman Aya Sugimoto hell girl cosplay from www 1[Image is] too sexy, too much milk the big bone woman Aya Sugimoto hell girl cosplay from www 2[Image is] too sexy, too much milk the big bone woman Aya Sugimoto hell girl cosplay from www 3[Image is] too sexy, too much milk the big bone woman Aya Sugimoto hell girl cosplay from www 4[Image is] too sexy, too much milk the big bone woman Aya Sugimoto hell girl cosplay from www 5[Image is] too sexy, too much milk the big bone woman Aya Sugimoto hell girl cosplay from www 6

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