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The store she led me into had a colorful and relaxed theme to it. All I wanted was more of her, and more of her soon.

Hentai: (C84) [Roshiman (Arimura Ario, Masa-nii)] DeliPuff Yuusha (Dragon Quest III)

DeliPuff Yuusha 1DeliPuff Yuusha 2DeliPuff Yuusha 3DeliPuff Yuusha 4DeliPuff Yuusha 5DeliPuff Yuusha 6DeliPuff Yuusha 7DeliPuff Yuusha 8DeliPuff Yuusha 9DeliPuff Yuusha 10DeliPuff Yuusha 11DeliPuff Yuusha 12DeliPuff Yuusha 13DeliPuff Yuusha 14DeliPuff Yuusha 15DeliPuff Yuusha 16DeliPuff Yuusha 17DeliPuff Yuusha 18DeliPuff Yuusha 19DeliPuff Yuusha 20DeliPuff Yuusha 21DeliPuff Yuusha 22DeliPuff Yuusha 23DeliPuff Yuusha 24DeliPuff Yuusha 25DeliPuff Yuusha 26

(C84) [ろしまん (有村ありお、マサ兄)]でりぱふ勇者♀(ドラゴンクエストIII)

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