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I sat one side of the bed while Robert sat the other, l told Silvia l had missed her and slid a hand under the covers to get a finger to her warm love hole and gently teased her clitoris Silvia turned onto her side to face me letting out a low moan of pleasure, her tits looked so inviting, l said softly ‘l want my milk mummy’. Learn more As we kissed his hands gripped my bum cheeks then we went upstairs to lay on the bed, he put my hand onto his hard cock and began to speak as if he was telling his young daughter how his hard cock was going to go into the hole between her legs just like it goes into her mother’s hole, Amyl peeled my knickers down my legs and l kicked them off he started gently rubbing his hand over my bum cheeks telling me l had the cutest little bum and slowly slid a finger into my arse hole then l was on all fours he got behind me, l could feel his long hard shaft sliding inside me, Amyl’s balls pressed against the underneath of my balls and before fucking me he said ‘that’s a good girl stay still for daddy’, he eased his shaft halfway out then slid inside me till he worked up a fast rhythm the hold he had on my hips got tighter and his groans got louder then Amyl let out a shriek and thrust his cock deep into me, l felt his hot sticky liquid begin to fill me, he held me so tight onto his cock he gasped and released me l fell forward his cock slid from my rear Amyl slapped my bum as he climbed off the bed.

Hentai: [Studio Pastel] Danna-sama Shimasho (Rizelmine)

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