Hot Girl HELL MAGIC #3  Chileno

Francis pushing further in each stroke, we worked together my body being feed by them both, as each guys got his way with me,,Francis was just short of going all the way in as he once more shot his seed deep inside me,, Gary too taking the lead as he too shot deep in side, I moved up sitting just over Francis face, and eased the cum into his mouth, he licked it up flicking his toungue against my click as he did,

it was then I looked around the room, naked guys standing with cocks in hand, lining up still to have fun with me, John had out done himself tonight I thought, as the hours went by it seemed I had satified them all and my body was wet with sweat and cum. Most had left, Francis sat talking with John as I showered, it turned out he was just one of the guys who saw me walk past and when the guys John did invite, around 6, got together to come in, as most already knew one another, from our past nights, they talked about what was going on, so it seems a lot of the other guys took the liberty and joined in too, how many we dont know but John said 15 easy most likely 20 or more had been in and out during the night, Francis gave me his number and said next time he's in town he would love to meet up again, I looked and said tomorrow night is free ,, I smilled and said my pussy and butt should have calmed down by then

I waited for his call the next day.

Hentai: (C93) [LOOPTHELOOP! (Herurun)] HELL MAGIC #3

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