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“Ohh OK, I guess” Ranma said and he walked over to Akane and started to loosen her straps, “No don’t release her, Ranma just mount the machine and fuck her, you should already know how to mount the machine” Soan said with a laugh and everyone else joined in the laugh, “WHAT?” Akane yelled, “I want him to fuck me on the bed, not this machine” Akane said, “Sorry Akane im not giving you a chance to fight again, now Ranma get up there and give Akane her last request” Soan said as Ranma once again stripped off all of his clothes and mounted the machine behind Akane, “But her pussy is full of spit” Ranma said, “Use her ass, that spit stays in place until she is ready to carve” Soan said as Ranma pushed his cock into Akane's anus causing her to scream out in a new level of pain having never before been penetrated this way. Ranma entered the room with a pot of hot water and splashed it onto Genma who then turned back into a human while still inside of Akane and pulled out of her as jet after jet of sticky white cum shoot out of the head of his cock and started to land all over Akane until she was almost completely covered in it, “Thanks a lot boy” Genma said sarcastically, “I really wanted to see what it was like to cum inside a young girl as a panda bear, you ruined that for me” Genma said as he got up and walked over to Ranma still holding the tea pot, “She is a girl not a panda have some respect and fuck her as a human” Ranma said and walked away, “Ranma don’t you want your turn at her?” Soan asked.

Hentai: Artist – Nia4294

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